Stop Smoking


Perhaps you've tried everything and you're just fed up.....patches, willpower, cutting down, nicotine gum, smokeless cigarettes.  Or perhaps you've managed to quit smoking before, but you always start again.

I can understand if you are asking yourself, IS THIS JUST ANOTHER WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY?

Stopping smoking is EASY with hypnosis/NLP!
You can be a non-smoker in as little as 2 hours!

We can help you to stop smoking with a proven method that has helped thousands of people to quit smoking for good. I was trained in this method by Paul McKenna's head assistant and it has been tried, tested and perfected over the years. Hypnosis/NLP uses the power of your unconscious mind to help you --- it makes the thought of another cigarette unbearable so that you will never want to have one again.

If you are determined to quit smoking, you can do so using this technique. You can rewire your brain so that cigarettes become disgusting to you. Smoking becomes so undesirable to you that you would decline to smoke a cigarette even if it were magically 100% cancer-free. There is no willpower involved and no temptation to overcome. You are just back to the way you were before you started smoking in the first place.

All that is required is your commitment to quit smoking! This is about whether you actually WANT to stop. If the answer is "yes", then you CAN make it happen....and I will be with you and guide you every step of the way to make it an easy process for you.

Why not book an affordable session with us today.

Imagine the thousands of £s you will save over time with this small investment made now!

The exciting news is that we are now offering Hypnotic Slimming and hypnotherapy over the phone or Skype at hugely discounted rates. Why not take advantage of this convenient and more affordable option while you can?

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....and stop gambling with your life!