Your unconscious mind is responsible for 90% of your thinking and is below your level of awareness.  What if you could harness this huge untapped power of your mind?  With hypnosis, you can do JUST THAT.

What can hypnotherapy do for you?

Have you tried to improve your life, but are having difficulty making changes? Are unresolved issues preventing you from moving forward, taking that next step in your life, your relationships, your career?  If so, hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy is a medically approved, safe and effective way to overcome problems in your life and reach your goals.

Our mission at Life Tranceformation is to help you resolve your particular challenges more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible. We offer tailor-made programmes suited to your specific needs and our services include:

Smoking Cessation Public Speaking
Weight Loss Athletic Performance
Overcome Addiction Correct Bad Habits
Overcome Fear Improve Memory
Better Sleep Overcome Stress
Anxiety Relief Phobia Cure
Bereavement Performance Anxiety
Confidence Success Motivation


This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, as there is really no limit to the types of behaviours we can address. So if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us and we can discuss your individual needs.

What Can You Expect?

Prior to your session you will be asked to fill in a Confidential Questionnaire. You will be asked to fill this out in advance so that I can be well prepared for your first session. Gathering information with our Confidential Questionnaire not only helps me prepare for a productive session, but is also of great value to you. As you respond to the questions, you will have a more thorough understanding of the challenges that you have been dealing with and you can begin the process of change even before your appointment.

Prior to experiencing the profoundly relaxed state of hypnotic trance, we will go over your Confidential Questionnaire with you and gather additional relevant information. This thought-provoking and thorough chat will help us discover any impediments that might have hindered you from achieving your goals in the past and living the life you really want. During this conversation we will also explain how hypnosis works and answer any questions you may have about the whole process. At the end of the conversation we will be able to my extensive experience and flexibility to tailor the hypnosis to your particular personality, lifestyle and needs.

After your conversation, you will gently be guided into a relaxing comfortable trance, where you are more suggestible. While in this state, you can come out of it anytime you wish to resume regular consciousness, but you will find that you want to stay in this stress-free, peaceful state. You will consciously hear what the hypnotherapist is saying and you can accept or reject any of the positive suggestions that will be made to you. It is perfectly safe and you are never out of control. (Read our Myth Busters if you want an accurate description of hypnosis.)

With our guidance, you will quickly and easily make the changes you desire.

After your session, you will be surprised and delighted to find yourself living your life in a more positive way with far greater personal resources. Your positive changes will be long lasting.