Fear of Flying




Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for conquering Fear of Flying.  One 2-hour session is typically all that is required for you to be able to fly without experiencing anxiety.


We are now also offering you a chance to put it to the test, in collaboration with Fairoaks Aiport in Woking, Surrey.


You will have a 2-hour hynotherapy session with me, which is guaranteed to rid you of your fear of flying.  Following on from your hypnosis session, the unique experience of flying in a real aircraft awaits!  Under the expert guidance of your private flying instructor, you will be able to enjoy your new freedom by taking to the skies over the beautiful Surrey countryside.


During your initial ground briefing, you will be given a short presentation explaining how an aircraft flies and dispelling many of the common myths associated with flying. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to make full use of the instructor’s experience and wealth of knowledge; asking any specific questions you may have.


The thirty minute flight itself will take place in a Piper PA28 aircraft; specifically chosen for its 4-seat design and dual controls. Should you wish, there is also the opportunity for a family member or friend to join you on the flight. Your instructor will be by your side at every stage, offering their guidance and words of advice whenever needed. Tailored to your individual aims, you will be able to join the pilot in flying the aircraft as little or as much as you would like.


The ultimate proof that you have overcome your fear of flying will be presented to you after flight. This will take the form of a certificate and flight DVD, recording your unique experience of flying in the aircraft.


Of course, If you don't wish to take advantage of the flight, you can still opt for just the hypnotherapy in either my Dorking or Harley Street practices.  




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